Hood Inserts

Range Hood Insert

Built specifically to accommodate custom wood, craft metal, copper and stainless steel hoods, Proline Range Hood Inserts offer a wide variety of ventilation solutions for the home and professional kitchen alike. Featuring CFM ratings between 600 and 1600, you can choose the perfect power range for a variety of applications. Proline Range Hood Inserts are flexible, providing convenient ducting options and blower assignments for maximum compatibility with preexisting ductwork. With sizes ranging from 28” all the way up to 56”, these beautifully crafted stainless steel inserts are designed to provide excellent stove top coverage—there’s literally something for everyone. Each Proline Insert comes complete with a pair of dishwasher safe, quick release stainless steel baffle filters, providing excellent protection against flammable grease residue.
Proline Range Hood Inserts feature either Halogen or LED lighting, both of which provide superior stove top visibility in even the most demanding kitchens. Simple, easy-to-use controls give these inserts an intuitive, user friendly edge, making it easy to dial in light settings and fan speeds. Ready to rock right out of the box, Proline Range Hood Inserts are extremely easy to install, streamlining an otherwise unpleasant process. If you’re searching for the perfect power pack to outfit your custom hood canopy, look no further than Proline’s impressive catalog of high quality, ultra-durable Range Hood Inserts.

Quick Specs:

  • ♦ CFM ratings between 600 and 1600 (perfect for any application)
  • ♦ Variety of widths and depths for the perfect fit (28” – 56”)
  • ♦ Crafted from warp-resistant, seamlessly welded #430 stainless steel
  • ♦ Commercial grade, dishwasher safe stainless steel baffle filters for superior grease protection
  • ♦ Brilliant LED or Halogen lighting for a crystal clear view of your stove or range top
  • ♦ Simple, hassle-free installation so you can get cooking right away
  • ♦ User friendly LCD control interface provides easy access to fan speeds and lighting
  • ♦ Designed for use in custom hoods
  • ♦ Flexible ducting and blower configurations